Working with ‘Zeek’ was a splendid experience.  

Zeek’s team is a hardworking, intelligent and highly professional in their field. Their ability to communicate well with peers and clients, identify hindrances in advance and provide flexible and appropriate solutions is outstanding...

L. Gilad - Ministry of Defense, Israel

Turning complex issues 

into a visual experience

We build for our clients a content video system from A to Z. And creating for them the highest quality films

Film Factory

We offer a wide range of creative products including; product design, branding, visitor centers, and more

Creative Products

We provide creative consultant for our clients in order to build a quality creative process for the organization

Concept Consultant

Book one of our creative workshops in the fields of creative thinking, video creation, business challenges hacking and more


ZeeK by the Numbers


Visual storytelling is possible in endless ways and techniques


Our projects are made to always reach their target audience

Million views


Our projects are made for world wide distribution




We assemble a unique team for each project from our community of creators


What we do

Zeek’s vision combines art and business-thinking, in order to assist organizations to achieve a significant impact through their creative projects. We aim to expand the audience’s perspective by exposing them to meaningful content.

How we work

Community of Creators

Crowd sourcing

Our Process - Co Creation 

Bringing art into businesses